2014 MOTO BMW R 850

I want a listing of all the sports activity bikes. Someone posted these list through 2005 — 2008. May someone the actual same thing through 2013 — Present This is a link to the list http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080611102003AArbySD

This is the outdated list. Exactly the same format will be nice:

08 models:


Used BMW R1200GS Journey

wwhat is the diff in between a
a dual activity
and an adventure?

Reply by Mr. Smartypants
An enduro is created for prolonged-distance races on filth roads (like the popular 1 in Baja). It is just for off highway.

A dual activity is a bicycle that can be ridden both on or off road. It is a compromise among grime bicycle and street bike.

By ‘adventure’ I feel you indicate ‘adventure tourer’. This is a huge touring bike that can go off street.

2014 BMW R1200 DAKAR


I´m undertaking the interview process large trip of European countries sometime the coming year and are debating in between two bicycles… I am thinking about either the particular F650 GS Dakar or maybe the Bandit 1200S… Which one will be better when it comes to reliability, comfort and ease, mpg and so forth.?

Answer simply by jon
THE CAR R1200 GS Adventure. When youre undertaking the interview process trip like this, you’ll certainly want a bicycle with upon, and off road capability. The particular R1200 collection is known to make trips all over the world, and dependable enough to help make the trip. Several bikes do not even notice 15, 500 miles within their lifetime.

2014 1966 BMW R60 FOR SALE


BMW R90 HEADS 2014



2014 BMW R80 OIL

Is it alright to use a small slick 50

Solution by JetDoc
It is your bike. Do what you want. Individually, I use Mobil-1 synthetic oil in my BMW motorbike, so there is no want for snake-oil additives.

Answer by Cornporto
On the R80, my recollection is that you measure the oil by reinserting the dipstick just down to the threads (do not screw it in). Keep absent from Slick fifty – it will only gum factors up.




What ought to be the spring continual k of the spring crafted to bring a 1240 kg auto to rest from a speed of 92 km/h thus which the occupants undergo a maximum acceleration of 5.0 g?

Please show function.
Yes, this really is for homework.

Answer by rex
distance to stop inside = v^2 / 2 a == 25.55^2 / 2 . 5 . 9.8 = 6.66 m

1/2 . m . v^2 = 1/2 . k . x^2

1240 . 25.55^2 = k . 25.55^2 / 98

k = 31689 N / m

2014 BMW R65 CAFE SEAT Details

The THE CAR cars are usually cars which are known for their own intense overall performance and great looks. Right now there never is a better combination of style plus performance than the usual BMW device. These vehicles are designed with each and every little moment detail in your mind and are after that improved additional until all of the needs from the customer are already thought of are already incorporated towards the best of the particular car’s capability. The car is definitely then produced and produced using some of the very most advanced production methods available. The end result is really a spectacular blend of type and perform that boosts envy plus admiration where ever it will go.


Hi Men,

My father offers 2 traditional BMW bicycles, a r50 and a r69s with motor numbers 562-756 and 658-129, respectively. Will anyone understand how to determine what particular year these types of bikes had been made depending on their motor numbers? Anybody knows, make sure you let me know.

Thank you!!!

Solution by Mikey B
I’m certain that a Haynes Manual will provide you with the runs of motor numbers regarding specific yrs.

Failing that will, a quick email to THE CAR may help a person out

–Mikey B–

2014 BMW R850R USED



I would want to bring over a somewhat selected BMW r850r from Europe . For several cause BMW doesn’t export it. I know the American marketplace wants “Bigger the Better” thus BMW brings 1200cc! inside the R series.
However 850 is really better!
Has anybody completed synonymous import? How difficult is it? I recognize the fee is 2.4% yet alternative rigmarole I cannot judge.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Answer by NinjaZX6R
One issue will function as the inspection, when it’s not setup for the US emissions practices, they won’t allow it inside.

2014 BMW R75 CAFE


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2014 BMW R90 OIL


BMW Cumbria

BMW that is known for the performance plus luxury automobiles was founded within 1916. THE CAR is a The german language automobile, motorbike and motor manufacturing firm, which furthermore owns plus produces the particular Mini brand name, and is the particular parent firm of Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles.

BMW’s littlest car, the particular 1 Collection which was released in 2005, is available in coupe/convertible and compact forms. The particular BMW bmw is a small executive vehicle which was produced since design year 1975, which presently includes the game sedan, train station wagon, sports coupe and transformable.

2014 TE KOOP BMW R25

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